On The Border Gentlemen's Club | Bellzora
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Feature Entertainer Bellzora!!!

 Fuego Latina, (Latin Flame) would sum up who I am. I’m a mix of latin dance and throwback burlesque, but I also love country, rock and hip hop. I try to add it all in my shows. I love using props; my fans, latin ribbon and fire.I love love love to dance, I especially love to dance to country music, I love Broadway shows, I love painting and designing things for my house. I love hanging out with my family and visiting friends. I think people would also be surprised to know that I am an ophthalmic technician. I adore everything about chocolate, and my guilty pleasures are latin soap operas, Mexican candy and junk food. I make sure I hand out Mexican candy at every club I feature at, so make sure you come to see me!